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This is a natural and often unconscious process that people use when forming impressions about each other.
Briefing 360-Degree Feedback formalises the observation process by identifying specific people and asking them to answer particular questions about the participant's performance.
Questionnaire The process involves completion of a questionnaire containing a combination of rated and free text questions. The questionnaire can be electronic or on paper.
Report      Completion Returned questionnaires are consolidated into a report that contains textual, graphical and numerical feedback for the participant.
Feedback The participant gets their feedback at a facilitated, one-to-one interview conducted by a trained facilitator.
Reflection The participant takes time to clarify and reflect on his/her feedback.  Sharing feedback with others can also come at this stage.
Action Plan As a result of reflection, the participant produces a plan for how he/she intends to develop and in what behaviours.
Changed Behavior


Carrying out the action plan results in changes in certain areas of the participant's behaviours.  

360-Degree Feedback Cycle  Facilitation and Training