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John Dutton


Fields of Expertise

RISE and G8D Special Cause Problem Solving; FMEA;

Leadership Development; Teambuilding; Facet5 Psychometric

Profiling; Organisational Development; Strategic Management,

Business Planning; Systematic improvement methodologies;

Senior Management and Executive Coaching


Education & Membership of Professional Bodies

Dip IA, ACMA, M Inst AM (Dip), MBIM


Professional Experience

John originally qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant. After working as a consultant/lecturer at the University of Aston Business School, he developed his career in Finance in the electronics and automotive industries. During this period he also held two internal Organisational Development /Training Management roles where he led several major Organisation Development assignments in several countries, including UK, Italy, Germany and India. His final position before becoming an independent consultant was Finance and Commercial Director for a multinational automobile manufacturer, responsible for extensive subsidiaries and joint ventures throughout Africa.

John’s particular area of consulting expertise is the improvement of individual and group effectiveness via more systematic problem solving, decision making, business planning, quality management processes and Six Sigma. He also worked very closely with Peter Ward (co-founder of WDP Consulting) in pioneering the development and use of 360 degree feedback methods for personal development. His background enables him to offer clients an unusual combination of commercial management skills and insights into people/organisation development issues.

 John was retained by Ford of Europe during the 1990’s as the subject expert on special cause problem solving helping develop their world class G8D process and training the in-company instructor/consultant team.

e-mail: jdutton@wdpc.co.uk 

Andy Leeder


Fields of Expertise

RISE and G8D Special Cause Problem Solving; Lean Operations;

 Six Sigma; Business Excellence; FMEA; Leadership Development;

Teambuilding; Facet5 Personality Profile; Organisational Development.



BSc Physics, Bristol University

MBA, University of Bath.


Professional Experience

20 years manufacturing (13 of which in the Automotive Industry).

A variety of roles covering programme management, quality management, organisational development, business systems development, supply chain management and operations manager of 2 automotive production facilities.

As an experienced senior manager from a 1st tier component supplier to the automotive industry, Andy has a strong understanding of the objectives and principles of Business Excellence and Lean Manufacturing and is fully conversant with the majority of the latest tools and techniques used within the automotive industry. He has a strong emphasis on the strategic importance of sound business systems and the opportunity it can bring for value creation and cost reduction.

More than seven years consultancy working in a variety of sectors including Automotive, Engineering, Healthcare and Public Sector


e-mail: aleeder@wdpc.co.uk  

Stephen Halliday


Fields of Expertise

Six Sigma; Statistical Analysis; Statistical Process Control;

Experimental Design; Taguchi Methods;

RISE and G8D Special Cause Problem Solving;

Business Excellence Model; FMEA; Teambuilding;

Facet5 Personality Profile.



BSc Applied Statistics, Sheffield Polytechnic

MSc Medical Statistics, London Scholl of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

MBA, Henley

Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society

Senior Member American Society for Quality


Professional Experience


A Chartered Statistician working mainly in manufacturing industries. His passion for quality improvement has led companies to achieve improved delivery performance, reduced returns and to develop better processes. He has used the Business Excellence model to identify areas for improvement for manufacturing and service-based organisations. He has worked in a variety of industries including Pharmaceutical, Household Products, Food & Drink, Speciality Chemicals and Electronics.

Through training and coaching, Stephen has enabled many people, both managers and operators, to recognise and achieve improvements in their day-to-day work and in their organisation overall.

His statistical background linked with his MBA has enabled him to create a Customer Profiling model for a Sales organisation and to identify a reliability model for the UK Electricity Regulator.

Stephen’s drive for process improvement and his statistical background place him in an ideal position to enable companies to get the best from Six-Sigma utilising statistical tools as and when appropriate.


Adrian Cole


Fields of Expertise

Structured Innovation; Axiomatic Design; Multi-disciplinary optimization; Powertrain R&D; Statistical Analysis; Statistical Process Control; Problem Solving; FMEA; 


Education & Membership of Professional Bodies

BSc Automotive Engineering

PhD Automotive Engineering

Member of IMechE Automotive Division Board


Professional Experience

Professor Cole has over 25 years experience in both the automotive consultancy and higher education sectors. Formerly  Technical Director at ERA Ltd and then Powertrain Manager at MIRA (Motor Industry Research Association), he is now part-time Senior Technologist Consultant at the Technology Innovation Centre (part of Birmingham City University).


Prof Cole’s technical background expertise lies within powertrain R&D. Having been involved in industrial programmes in both the USA and Germany, he has covered subjects as diverse as; thermally insulated (adiabatic) diesels, transient behaviour of turbocharger turbines, piston gallery cooling, in-cylinder gas activity, combustion analysis, biofuels and engine system simulation codes. Recently Prof Cole’s interests have broadened to include studies in design innovation and is currently heavily involved in such techniques as structured innovation, axiomatic design and multi-disciplinary optimisation.


Professionally  Prof Cole has been a past Director of the Society of Automotive Engineers, chair of the UK SAE Section,  a member of the IMechE Automotive Division board and the IMechE’s Part D editorial board and a member of the Foresight Vehicle (DTI) powertrain expert group. Prof Cole has been on the organising committees of numerous international conferences and symposia for both SAE and IMechE including most recently the IMechE Integrated Powertrain and Driveline Systems conference.


e-mail: acole@wdpc.co.uk

Ian Yates


Fields of Expertise

Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA); Advance Product Quality Planning (APQP); Quality Function Deployment (QFD); Systems Engineering Fundamentals; SPC; Reliability Engineering; Measurement Systems Analysis; Design of Experiments; G8D Special Cause Problem Solving; Systems Auditing

Six Sigma.



Professional Experience

With an early role as technical author at GEC Avionics Ian has over 20 years manufacturing experience in the aerospace and automotive industries, most notably with GEC, Lucas and Ford.


As an qualified quality professional Ian has a wealth of experience in the development and implementation of Quality Systems which includes first hand knowledge of the application of all the principle quality tools.  His natural skills of analysis and communication enable him to be very effective at guiding organisations through the right approach.


At Ford he was responsible for consultancy and training to graduate engineers and management personnel under the “Ford Technical Education Programme” and he was the primary expert in FMEA for Ford Europe.


In the last 5 years he has provided similar training and consultancy to industries across Europe including automotive, air-conditioning, medical and telecommunications.


Steen Pedersen


Fields of Expertise

Management and Strategy; Business Development;

Development of Leadership and employees; Project Management;

Organisational Development; Lean Production/Lean Management;

Six Sigma; Teambuilding; CRM and Telemarketing; Sales training;



Graduated High school; Merkonom MDM - covering Marketing,

HR-management, Organisational Development, Finance,

IT and Purchasing.

Certified instructor in Social Style Profile, APT, OPT,

Master certified in Social Style Profile, certified in Facet5, Master certified in 360-degree feedback programmes from Consultingtools Ltd, certified as Lean Expert, Six Sigma Black Belt level (act as Master BB), has run Teambuilding courses on above programmes in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and USA, Studies at Copenhagen University within: Philosophy, Religion history and Law.

Professional Experience

Sales and marketing; sales representative; manager; general manager (IBM, Saab Scania, LM-glass fibre), 30 years in management consultant covering following areas: training, recruiting, developing organisations, people and processes; process consulting in implementation of strategies and concepts - from top to bottom; teambuilding activities (broadly in organisations and for senior management); last four years: training of Six Sigma BB, various process improvement tools, has delivered over 25 GB and about 30 BB (certified over 20).


e-mail: spedersen@wdp-scan.com

Alan Combes

Alan Combes obtained an honours degree in Mathematics and Physics before moving into automotive engineering with the Ford Motor Company. Having moved through a number of positions in both Manufacturing and Product Development, at 26 he became one of the youngest engineering supervisors in Europe. His focus of expertise has centered upon Quality including positions in Powertrain Manufacturing Quality, European Quality Strategy - where he was part of an advisory team to Ford’s European Director of Quality - and Quality Manager for the development of a new sports car programme.

In 1993 Alan was seconded from his engineering responsibility and given the role of Internal Quality Consultant to key projects. In particular with his background in mathematics, he became an expert resource in applied statistical methods such as experimental design and Taguchi Methods.

Alan has recently completed a two-year post as a visiting research fellow at the University of Bradford Engineering Department and has been part of the management team responsible for the development of a research based Master of Science Degree in Engineering Quality.


Dan Grove


Fields of Expertise

Engineering Statistics; Six Sigma; Statistical Methods for Process Improvement; Experimental Design; Taguchi Methods; Response Surface Modelling; Robust Engineering Design; Design for Six Sigma; Optimization



BSc Mathematics and Statistics, Birmingham University

MA Operational Research , Lancaster University

PhD Statistics, Birmingham University

Chartered Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society


Professional Experience

A former university teacher, Dan has worked as a consultant since 1989, assisting a wide range of clients in fields including Aerospace, Automotive and Pharmaceuticals. He has written and/or delivered training courses for about 20 companies on a wide variety of topics including process control and improvement methods, Six Sigma, designed experiments, Taguchi methods, engineering statistics and robust engineering design. With Tim Davis, Dan wrote the book ‘Engineering, Quality and Experimental Design’ for which they were awarded the Greenfield Medal by the Royal Statistical Society. He has maintained his links with universities through part-time teaching, supervision and research projects at the Universities of Bradford and Southampton.


In industry he has specialised in coaching individuals as internal consultants and supporting groups of engineers in their use of designed experiments and other statistical methods. His work with a leading automotive company played a major part in delivering substantial process improvements with large financial benefits.


Tim Nicholls


Fields of Expertise

Statistical Analysis; Statistical Process Control; Experimental Design;

Taguchi Methods; RISE and G8D Special Cause Problem Solving;

Six Sigma; FMEA



Cert Ed, University of London

BA Mathematics, Open University

MSc Engineering Quality Improvement, University of Bradford


Member of the City and Guilds of London Institute


Professional Experience

6 years as a school teacher followed by 27 years with the Ford Motor Company. Tim has had a variety of roles in manufacturing engineering, production management, quality control, supplier support and education training and development management and delivery.


As an experienced engineer in the automotive industry Tim has a strong understand of the principles and problems of manufacturing processes and the role of statistical techniques in the control and improvement of quality.


His work in the area of quality improvement was recognised by the City and Guilds of London with the award of their Gold Medal for Excellence in 1999.


Gerhard Mandalka




Studium der Wirtschaftsmathematik an der Universität Bielefeld;

NLP-Trainer; DHE-Diplom;

Akkreditierungen in Thinking Style und Facet5;

Six Sigma-Green Belt; RISE-Trainer; G8D-Trainer.


Marketing; Vertrieb/Strukturvertrieb; FMEA;

360-Degree Feedback; Rhetorik; 4MAT;

Hypnose; Verkaufsstrategien; Teambildung; Leadership-Training;


Besondere Leistungen

Aktiv in der Radbahnbundesliga; Dritter der Deutschen Meisterschaften der Profis im Keirin; Eintrag im Guinness-Buch der Rekorde.


Seit fast fünf Jahren selbstständig, davon seit nunmehr drei Jahren sehr erfolgreich in den Bereichen Motivation (u.a. Betreuung von Teil- nehmern und Medaillengewinnern bei Weltmeisterschaften im Hochleistungssport), 1:1-Coaching und Businesscoaching, ebenso in Strategischer Unternehmensführung, Vertrieb und Marketing. Besitzt für die drei letztgenannten Bereiche die Akkreditierung, EU-Fördermaßnahmen für seine Mandanten in Anspruch zu nehmen. Hielt in den vergangenen beiden Jahren bei verschiedenen Anlässen Seminare und Vorträge zu Themen wie Motivation, Verkaufsstrategien, Teamentwicklung, usw.

e-mail: gmandalka@wdp-germany.de 

Dan Heck

Dan is a veteran facilitator in leadership and process development, problem solving, effective presentations, creativity, and numerous other technical and performance topics. Schooled as a Mechanical Engineer at the University of Illinois, Dan spent 15 years at Honeywell Aerospace as a Principal Product Design Engineer, Principal Manufacturing Engineer, and part time trainer and internal executive consultant.

Dan began independent consulting in 1988 and has since trained, and trained trainers in more than twenty courses from robotics at Motorola to advanced facilitation skills for Hamburger University "Professors" at McDonalds. The most recent addition to Dan's portfolio is the fascinating theory of inventive problem solving known as TRIZ; Dan is one of a handful of trainers certified to deliver Motorola's proprietary TRIZ course.

Dan's primary focus will be to help clients increase employee utilization by transforming fire fighting cultures into effective planning and problem prevention environments using "special cause" problem solving methods such as WDP's RISE method, Ford's Global 8D, and innovation disciplines through TRIZ.


Ken Nowack

Ken is a licensed psychologist and Executive Director of Organizational Performance Dimensions (OPD) and specializes in 360-degree feedback, coaching, personnel assessment and career development.

Ken has over twenty years experience in the development and validation of assessment instruments and organizational surveys. He has developed extensive 360-degree feedback, personnel selection, succession planning, performance appraisal, and human resources training programs for clients in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

He received his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles and his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Educational Psychology at the University of California, Davis.

Michael R. Perrault

Michael’s most recent role was with Intel as Senior Training and Development Executive; responsible for leadership development, organization development and Time to Market project teams

As Co-founder and President of Advanced Teamware, Inc., a leading human resource development software applications company, Michael's innovative ideas for merging organizational development technology with state of the art computer technology built ATI's reputation as a leader in the field of high technology diagnostic instruments.

Previously Michael was Director of Training for Decision Dynamics Corporation in Santa Monica, CA.   He is retired as a Lieutenant Colonel from the United States Army Adjutant General Corps. During his career, he taught organizational behavior at the U.S. Army Organizational Effectiveness Center and School and leadership and management at the U.S. Army Administration Center. He also served in numerous staff leadership and command positions during his twenty-year military career.

Michael is an expert in the fields of management effectiveness, decision making, organizational change and service quality. He has specialized in turning around the quality and effectiveness of large service organizations. As a manager, his work was the subject of several Army Research Institute studies. He has written many articles in professional publications regarding organizational development, organizational transitions and line management functions. Michael is considered a dynamic and forceful speaker and trainer who challenges audiences to develop more effective leadership and management skills. Michael received a B.S. degree from Norwich University and his M.S. in Counseling Psychology from Indiana State University.

He has served as a trainer and consultant to both government, private industry and the nonprofit sector with such well known organizations as Aerojet, American Honda, ARCO, Eli Lilly, Johnson & Johnson, Kinkos, KMG Main-Hurdman, McDonnell Douglas, Ortho-McNeil, Pneumo-Abex Corporation, Syntex, United Parcel Service, Union Bank and Xerox.

Tina Haben


Tina's psychology degree coupled with her commercial background makes her especially focused on people development within the business arena. She spent several years abroad training and coaching senior managers and has a well grounded and challenging style. She has a particular interest in personal, interpersonal and team effectiveness.

Tina is our in-house expert in the psychometric tool Facet5 and has experience in helping people to realise their true potential through self development planning. Using coaching and facilitation Tina has enabled individuals and teams to achieve their goals and improve performance through positive behavioural change. ...


Siobhan Twose


Siobhan has carried out 360-degree feedback design and facilitation projects for Surrey County Council, Four Square, London Borough of Hackney and J Sainsbury.

In the ten years between her two degrees Siobhan developed extensive experience in welfare and health services, initially as an assistant Clinical Psychologist. She has experience of teaching fellow professionals such as social workers. She now works in the field of psychometric instrument design, job and competency analysis, and stress management. Much of her work involves designing and piloting performance measurement systems. She facilitates 360-degree feedback extensively, particularly in local government. Siobhan is project leader for coaching development.